:: Into the Jungle

I illustrated, hand-drew, and painted this 7'x25' jungle-themed wall mural for Trinity Church's childrens' ministry.



Wall Mural, Paint, Illustration

Trinity Church Chicago



I was tasked to create a fun and colorful wall mural, but what that would look like was completely up to me. I began sketching on paper, and came up with this rough-drawing of the wall.

From there, I scanned my illustration into Illustrator and began coloring so I could visualize what the final would look like. I then drew the mural free-hand onto the wall with pencil.

The Paint Process

I enlisted 7 (very generous) friends to help me spend 8 full hours painting. I had them "Paint by Esther", which meant they'd pick up a little bucket of paint and a brush and then ask me which section to paint. Truly, without their help the painting would take me a lot longer than 8 hours (and I don't want to imagine that!).

Below is the finished wall.