:: edna mae bakery

I was so graciously asked to design and brand edna mae bakery, a home-made custom baked goods business in Chicago. As part of this process, the baker wanted to tie in illustrations that were reminiscent of her own home: particularly a fig tree.


I kept her brand extremely elevated, unique, and custom, just like her baking, by utilizing a duo-toned approach with simplistic yet intricate line illustrations.



Logo Design, Branding

edna mae bakery




Logo Design

The edna mae logo was design to keep personal touches in mind. The fig tree, a symbol of the edna mae family, is central. It was drawn using thin lines to maintain elegance. The script handwriting was custom drawn for handwritten inked feel.

Logo Variations

& Illustrations

To keep the logo fresh + versatile,  created three variations for its use that all tie together seamlessly. The illustrations add lightness and fluidity for the brand.