:: Team World Vision 2020 Seattle 7 Day 6K

Nearly 1,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from illnesses caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation and improper hygiene. The average distance many women and children in the developing world walk for water is 6K (3.7mi). Team World Vision runs marathons to raise money so these children can get clean water.

Every year, Team World Vision participates in the Seattle Marathon. When the race inevitably cancelled due to Covid-19, we turned the marathon into a 7 Day 6K where the runners embark on a week-long journey, running 3.7mi each day. I was brought in to create the look and feel of this new race and create all the collateral a virtual runner was shipped to cultivate excitement, buzz, and camaraderie throughout the week.


Campaign Branding, Lockup Design, Event Gear & Collateral, Social Media, Print


World Vision USA




The Logo & Design System

When creating the 7 Day 6K Marathon logo, I wanted to focus on two key things: The feeling of joy through the bright colors and elements that encapsulate everything about Seattle.

Every element I designed in this logo is intentional to serve a graphical purpose and story.

• Using the 7 and the 6 graphically

• Roads that our runners run on both windy and uphill

• The Seattle Space Needle

• Neighborhoods, churches, and homes

• And water droplets to resemble both clean water and Pacific Northwest rain

The Event Gear

Each runner received a race-in-a-box package in the mail to kick off their 7 Day 6K.

The Package

In full, the box came with:

• A medal with the 7 Day 6K artwork

• A personalized Bib

• 6 stickers to place on each day they run their 6K

• A customized rain jacket

• 7 personalized cards for every day with encouragement, running tips, and prayer points.

• A 7 piece magnetic puzzle

The Results

Amidst a global pandemic, the Team World Vision Seattle team alone raised nearly $550,000. 

Talk about a record setting year.


Design: Esther Knox

Marketing Director: Chantal Randall

Account Director: Dani Cole

Producer: Lauren Wilgus

Client: World Vision USA